Testimonial 1

The Reading Recovery programme improved our daughter's reading ability within weeks. She was so happy to attend every session because it was a fun way to learn and having the one on one session really catered to her level without her feeling shy or feeling she was behind. Phonics, letter recognition, sight words vocabulary and comprehension are all skills she developed through this programme and I am so very pleased this was an option for her. She is so confident now when it comes to spelling, writing and reading. Thank you for your time and effort with our daughter this year, you have really kicked off her love for reading.

Testimonial 2

I would just like to say that the improvement my child has accomplished, while participating in the Reading Recovery programme in the last term and a half is absolutely amazing!

It has given me so much pleasure when she has come home saying that Reading Recovery was the best part of her day and seeing Mrs Bell too. She was also very excited at the fact that she was able to retell her favourite book for class news, which definitely would not have happened prior to her going through the programme.

I have personally had the opportunity to sit in on some of the sessions and was so impressed that it has inspired me to study Education Support and hope to one day be involved in programs such as Reading Recovery to help children get through the hardships they may experience in learning.

There are many children that struggle for one reason or another and programs such as Reading Recovery gives them the opportunity to keep up with their peers and keep confidence at a high.

I would just like to say that I feel so fortunate that my child was given the opportunity to participate in the Reading Recovery programme and cannot thank Emma enough for the support and help she has given both my child and our family in times of feeling pressure.

Testimonial 3

My daughter loved the Reading Recovery programme and so did I. I watched her grow from not wanting to read, and not wanting to try and sound out any words at all, to now reading everything she can see regardless of what it is!!!! The one on one contact really helped her, she couldn't hide in the crowd and after a while she herself noticed her improvement. With this, her confidence grew and she started to want to practice reading with her Dad and Grandparents, just to show them how good she was getting. She now has notebooks all over the house where she now practices writing stories and lists, among other things. I don't think she would be enjoying this as much if not for the Reading Recovery program. So, thanks Mrs Bell!!!!

Testimonial 4

We wanted to thank you for all the support and encouragement you gave our son throughout the Minilit Programme. He was a child that read books because he had to not because he wanted to. The Minilit Programme gave him the confidence to read each line and truly understand the meaning of each line. That has been the difference as with each story his imagination started to thrive and he wanted to read chapter after chapter. He absolutely loves reading now!

Thank you for teaching him how to read fluently but most importantly thank you for teaching him to understand what he is reading. He is so much more confident with his words, he understands the content and he now wants to buy books with his pocket money.

We found the Minilit programme was perfect for his development. Please thank all involved for giving him the opportunity to be part of this wonderful programme. We appreciate all the hard work you’ve done with him and grateful for showing him the magic of reading!

Testimonial 5

The school vibes are amazing, the community feel is the best. It’s so nice to walk around and everyone acknowledges you. - A grateful Orana parent, 2020