At Orana, SCIENCE IS REAL: REAL experiences; REAL equipment; with a REAL connection to our world. 

Orana’s Science program implements Primary Connections, a literacy-based program, supported by the Australian Government and developed by the Australian Academy of Science. 

Students work collaboratively in teams to engage with each other and share ideas about what they already know. The topic is explored through hands on experiences. Students use their experiences to explain their observations.  Investigations are conducted to elaborate on their knowledge and make connections to new ideas. They show evidence of their knowledge and understanding to evaluate the learning.  

Students at Orana attend a 1.5-hour session fortnightly. The use of ICT is embedded throughout all lessons. Parents can view their child’s on-going progress throughout the year. Pre-Primary to Year 2 students record their learning in books, with a digital Class Science Learning Journal created throughout each term as the topic is explored. Students in Years 3-6 create digital Science Learning Journals to record their experiences. 

At Orana, Science is real, technology-based and fun-filled learning at its best!