1. Contextual Information

Orana is a co-educational, Catholic Primary School for students from Pre- kindergarten through to Year 6, with approximately 440 enrolments.

An Out of School Hours care facility is onsite providing before, after and vacation care for children aged 4 years and older.

Established in 1980 by the Loreto Order, the name 'Orana' is an Aboriginal word meaning 'welcome', the school motto is 'To give is to receive' and both are fundamental to the culture and ethos of our school.

A large, multi-cultural population is enrolled with students coming from diverse backgrounds. The school has a strong focus on the development of numeracy and literacy skills through the provision of dedicated teaching blocks, support and differentiation to cater for the needs of students. In 2019 we commenced our future focussed learning initiative along with two other schools in our area. Our focus is to assist students to be critical, creative and confident thinkers.
A positive, effective and socially supportive learning community is actively promoted. Orana has a vibrant learning culture where the days are filled with exciting opportunities, indeed each new day is a new adventure.

Our school prides itself on being an innovative environment achieving The Apple Distinguished School Award each year since 2011. Our core values of generosity, excellence and respect contributes to the development of the whole child spiritually, physically, socially, emotionally and academically.
Orana has a supportive parent community and active P & F body.

2. Teacher Standards and Qualifications

Qualifications Number
Master's degree 1
Bachelor degree 19
Graduate Diploma 2
Diploma of Teaching 3

3. Workforce Composition

Male Female
Teaching Staff 1 26
Non-teaching Staff 2 22
Indigenous Staff 0 0

4. Student Attendance at School

Year Level
Percentage Attendance
YEAR 1 93.5%
YEAR 2 94.4%
YEAR 3 94.4%
YEAR 4 93.8%
YEAR 5 94.2%
YEAR 6 94%

Non-attendance is recorded electronically on SEQTA and is managed in the first instance by classroom teachers. The Administration Officer messages parents/carers who have not provided an explanation for absences prior to recess each day via SEQTA. Any outstanding, unexplained absences are followed up by classroom teachers and Administration staff.

5. NAPLAN Annual assessments

Yr 3 2019 Reading Writing Spelling Grammar & Punctuation Numeracy
Australian Mean 432.2 422.5 418.9 440.0 408.1
School Mean 472.8 445.8 475.1 476.7 438.3
Yr 5 2019 Reading Writing Spelling Grammar & Punctuation Numeracy
Australian Mean 506.1 474.1 500.7 499.1 495.9
School Mean 541.1 501.7 533.6 545.3 520.0

6. Parent/Carer - Student and Teacher Satisfaction

Parent Satisfaction

Level of parent satisfaction at Orana Catholic Primary School is high based on the following:-

  • Strong support for school and P & F functions
  • Strong level of parental/carer involvement on rosters and atTENdance days • Positive parental/carer interaction with staff
  • Recommendations from current parents/carers
  • Good responses to requests for assistance
  • Letters of support to staff and principal

Student Satisfaction

Students at Orana Catholic Primary School and play in a happy, safe and friendly environment based on the following:-

  • Positive engagement with buddies across the school
  • Keen interest and participation in programmes offered • High level of cooperation with staff
  • Willingness to participate
  • Strong evidence of collaboration amongst students

Staff Satisfaction

Orana Catholic Primary School is a collaborative and positive working environment. Our high retention rate of staff demonstrates the quality relationships that exist between the staff, our families and Parish community.

7. Annual School Improvement

Focus Area School Improvement Plan Goal Achievements
Curriculum FOCUS AREA 1 Throughout 2019, we will build alignment of numeracy concepts, building on the 2018 goals we achieved.
  • Mathematics word walls visible in each classroom
  • Online resource hub established
  • Mean NAPLAN growth from 2017-2019
    Year 3 – 6.07% increase
    Year 5 – 2.79% increase
  • Development of short instructional videos for students to revisit when required.
Curriculum FOCUS AREA 2 To provide a play-based and inquiry approach to learning with a flexible learning environment.
  • Learning Intentions and Success Criteria visible and utilised in every classroom.
  • Ongoing professional learning within Orana and the region to develop effective practices in all classrooms.
Building Strong Relationships FOCUS AREA 3 By the end of 2019 the Values and Pastoral Care programme will be functioning in all classrooms.
  • Big Life Guide and shared floor book in every year level to document reflections and learning of the students.
  • Orana Gospel Values booklet produced for each class to have available for incidental learning opportunities.
  • Orana Gospel Values are incorporated in our everyday language at assemblies, in the newsletter and in our restorative practices processes.
FOCUS AREA 4 By the end of 2019 an Aboriginal Plan for Orana will be developed.
  • Professional Learning opportunities for staff to develop the Aboriginal Education Plan.
  • Completed school profile analysis.


The My School website has two main purposes.

Firstly, it provides parents and students with information on each school - its view of itself and its mission, its staffing, its resources and its students' characteristics and their performances.

Secondly, it provides schools and their communities with comparisons of their students' performances in literacy and numeracy with those of students in other schools, most importantly those in schools that serve similar students. These comparisons provide information to support improvements in schools. Among schools with similar students, those achieving higher student performances can stimulate others to lift expectations of what they and their students can achieve. The schools with higher performing students can be a source of information for others on the policies and practices that produce those higher performances.

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