At Orana, the children are offered the learning area of Italian as part of the Languages Curriculum.  The benefits to learning another language is numerous.  It assists with cognitive development such as improving memory, problem-solving, critical-thinking skills and listening skills.  It also promotes the understanding for other cultures and allows children to develop empathy towards one another. 

Orana offers a weekly Italian programme for students from Pre-Primary to Year Six.  Each lesson is 50 minutes in length and is rich in content and delivery.  Literacy is a very important focus of our Italian lessons with visual and written texts being the main stimulus of the contentStudents engage in activities that allow for socialising, creating, translating, informingperforming and digital learning is embedded throughout it all. 

The beautiful country of Italy is also an important part of the content and students have the opportunity to learn the cultural aspects and ways of life of the Italian people within our Orana programme.  


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