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Wellness Leadership Team

The World Health Organisation defines wellness as the optimal state of health of individuals and groups. This group of young leaders will support the Orana community members to grow as a whole person and nurture a community of children who are well in the way they feel in themselves and how they interact with others.

Sport Leadership Team

Will assists in the requirements of various sporting events and programmes throughout the year. They will help to assist with equipment required for school and interschool carnivals. The students will maintain a positive attitude towards the inclusion of students and the involvement in sporting activities.

Waste Wise Leadership Team

The Waste Wise team targets how we can inform and educate our community to reduce waste to landfill by implementing the 3Rs, reduce, reuse and recycle while developing positive environmental values in our community. The member of this team will mode responsible environmental behaviours to our community.

Technology Media Leadership Team

This group of students will create podcast episodes describing the benevolent work done for others by our students. These podcasts will feature the work of our Waste Wise and Social Justice teams. The focus will be to inform and educate the Orana community and those beyond the school about our generosity.

Social Justice and Mini Vinnies Leadership Team

Students will support the school community to engage in fundraising efforts to support our local and global communities through Project Compassion, connecting with St Vincent De Paul, Caritas and St Yared’s school in Ethiopia. The team will develop a deeper understanding of the act of giving and how by doing so you grow as a person while helping others.

POD SQUAD Leadership Team

Will support the students of Orana to engage in Loose parts play. This type of play encourages problem solving, collaboration, creativity, stretching their imagination and social skills. The members of this team will model behaviours to encourage these characteristics in others. They also will be responsible for modelling efficiency in helping students pack away after Pod Play. This can prove to be problematic and exhausting, so this team will rotate every term rather than each semester.


Listen to Radio Orana Podcast