Leave of Absence Form

Extended absences during term for reasons other than illness are discouraged. Non-Attendance has a variety of effects on students both academically and socially. We acknowledge that this is not a decision for parents/carers to take lightly and ask that you consider the position of your child/ren’s education and the school when arranging holidays during term time.
The Education Act (1999) places the onus on parents/carers to ensure that their children attend school or engage in school-based activities during term. If students experience an extended absence, the following can occur:

• Students will miss out on important learning programmes. The school cannot accept responsibility for learning that is missed during extended leave taken.
• Students can find it difficult to re-adapt to school routines and continue to develop social groups when extended leave is taken.
• If important assessments are missed, then some areas of your child’s report may be incomplete.
• Extended absences cause extra-organisational concerns for in-class and co-curricula activities. Your child’s involvement in these activities cannot be guaranteed if essential preparation has not been undertaken or they are absent when activities are planned.
• Absences for some reasons may not be approved.
• Although every effort is made to set a school calendar of events, due to exceptional circumstances, these dates may need to be changed during a school year.

If you choose to disrupt your child/ren’s education, please fill in and submit the form below to the school office and contact your class teacher/s to access an overview of classwork 2 weeks prior to the leave period.

Leave of Absence Form Orana CPS