Leadership Opportunities

Leadership opportunities for the Year 6 students

Forming the leaders of tomorrow

Leadership is a quality that all students at Orana Catholic Primary School are encouraged and supported to develop. Students from Kindergarten to Year 6 take on the role of leaders of their own learning. Through the curriculum and extra curricula activities, all students are encouraged to develop the skills necessary to be a leader. This ensures that all students perceive themselves as leaders and have the opportunity and confidence to take on leadership roles. Student are challenged to develop a sense of vision and purpose as they take on responsibilities and use decision making skills in order to carry a project through to a successful conclusion. They develop interpersonal and intrapersonal skills including communication, negotiation, teamwork and reflection. Students are given opportunities to develop the skills of active, reflective listeners who respond effectively as they work with others to determine and achieve collective goals. Through their actions, Orana Catholic Primary School’s Student Leaders reflect and demonstrate the School’s Gospel Values; Respect, Generosity and Excellence.



The goal is for reciprocal, healthy relationships, to be developed between younger children and older children, enhancing the welcoming, friendly and supportive environment of Orana Catholic Primary School.

The benefits for the older buddy is the acknowledgment of their leadership, responsibility and stewardship in supporting and helping another.

At the beginning of each school year, the educators in Buddy classes Kindy and Year 3 meet and play to establish relationships. This first session is held in the Kindergarten playground area to reinforce the feeling of safety, familiarity and security.   During this session, children are introduced and given time to play together and to build rapport. The older Buddy is encouraged to ask questions. Educators observe ensuring the pairing of children is appropriate and positive for both the younger and older buddy.

The Buddy classes meet regularly throughout the year to engage in a variety of experiences aimed to enhance relationships. As the children move through the school, they stay with their buddy, until they reach Year 3 when they become an older buddy themselves.

Kindy children are matched with Year 3 children

PP children are matched with Year 4 children

Year 1 children are matched with Year 5 children

Year 2 children are matched with Year 6 children

Year 5


The goal of the Year 5 Leadership Day is to engage students and unite them in a common understanding of what leadership will look like, sound like and feel like for them as a cohort. The structure of the day changes according to the cohort needs to prepare them for leadership opportunities in Year 6.

Year 6


The first assembly of each year is dedicated to the presentation of and commitment to leadership of the Year 6 cohort. All Year 6 students are presented with leadership badges to demonstrate they are all leaders and can serve the Orana Catholic Primary School community with pride.


At the beginning of the new year, the Year 6 students will be informed of the leadership teams that are available to them as leaders of the school. The Year6 students vote which groups they would like to be involved in over the year and their portfolios are presented in Term 1. The students are given the opportunity to work across 4 groups throughout the year. Designated teachers are aligned with leadership groups and will facilitate and guide them in their leadership within each chosen area. The teams will meet regularly and have a common purpose and goal to achieve within the term of leadership.


Wellness Leadership Team

The World Health Organisation defines wellness as the optimal state of health of individuals and groups. This group of young leaders will support the Orana community members to grow as a whole person and nurture a community of children who are well in the way they feel in themselves and how they interact with others. The students will be involved in organising events such as, Mental Health Week and Are You Okay Day?

Sport Leadership Team

Assists in the requirements of various sporting events and programmes throughout the year. They help to manage equipment required for school and interschool carnivals. The students maintain a positive attitude towards the inclusion of students and the involvement in sporting activities.

Sustainability Leadership Team

Targets how we inform and educate our community to reduce waste to landfill by implementing the 3Rs, reduce, reuse and recycle while developing positive environmental values in our community. The members of this team will model responsible environmental behaviours to our community. They will organise a whole school incursion based on one aspect of sustainability, as well as run a whole school sustainability day based on a chosen national initiative (plant a tree day, Clean Up Australia Day etc).

TThe Quaddies Team

This team is responsible for setting up play equipment in the Quad and offering an alternative to play on the oval and visiting the Library.

Social Justice and Mini Vinnies Leadership Team

Support the school community to engage in fundraising efforts to aid our local and global communities through Project Compassion, connecting with St Vincent De Paul, Caritas and St Yared’s school in Ethiopia. The team develops a deeper understanding of the act of giving and how by doing so you grow as a person while helping others.

POD SQUAD Leadership Team

Supports the students of Orana to engage in Loose parts play. This type of play encourages problem solving, collaboration, creativity, stretching their imagination and social skills. The members of this team model behaviours to encourage these characteristics in others. They are responsible for modelling efficiency in helping students pack away after Pod Play.