Willetton Catholic Parish

Our school enjoys a strong relationship with the Church of Saints John and
Paul in Willetton. Although the Church is not located within the school
grounds, the Parish Priests visit the school regularly and once a term the
whole school community attends Mass at the church in Pine Tree Gully Road.
The Sacraments of Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation are
three special celebrations that involve collaboration between the Church and
the school.

Church of Saints John and Paul


Catholic Education Western Australia

Orana Catholic Primary School is one of 158 Catholic schools in Western
Australia. The Catholic Education Office works closely with these schools
to translate faith into action and to promote excellence within the
classroom and beyond.


The Parents & Friends Association

The school is supported by a strong parent body that meets monthly, seeks to raise funds for school programs and offers assistance to classrooms.

Copies of the constitution can be found by clicking the appropriate link:

2003 Constitution

2012 Constitution