The school offers a programme, known as Stretch Crew. It provides ‘extension’ learning experiences beyond the classroom for students in Years 4 - 6. Selection criteria includes high scores in the ACER Australian General Abilities Test (AGAT) and the Abstract Reasoning Test (ART). These tests are conducted at the start of each academic year. The school uses other points of evidence to form this group.

The acronym of Stretch Crew stands for Seeking To Rigorously Engage, Teach and Challenge Children Requiring Extension Work.

Students who participate in Stretch Crew, are challenged to achieve across the domains of learning in this multi-age session. Higher order thinking is the foundation of all activities undertaken. The students in this program may also be invited to participate in external competitions and academic days.

Participating students are not disadvantaged by their participation in Stretch Crew. Our teachers work together to meet student needs and attend to the WA Curriculum.