School Performance Data

Compliance 2016 School Year

1. Contextual Information

Orana Catholic Primary School Willetton - Western Australia Orana Catholic Primary School is a co-educational primary school for students from Pre-kindergarten through to Year 6. Currently 430 students are enrolled in the school. An Out of School Hours care facility is onsite providing before, after school care and vacation care for children aged 4 years old and over. Established in 1980 by the Loreto Order, the name Orana is an Aboriginal word meaning 'Welcome". The school motto is "To Give Is to Receive". Our name and motto are fundamental to the culture and ethos of the school. We endeavour to develop each individual spiritually, academically, physically, socially, emotionally and culturally through our values of generosity, respect and excellence. A high, multi-cultural population is enrolled, with students coming from many world cultures. The school has a focus on developing literacy and numeracy skills and has a priority to teach Science skills, with a dedicated Science teacher, for students from Pre-Primary to Year Six. ICT is embedded throughout the school's curriculum. A 1:1 iPad program has been introduced for students in Years Four to Six and iPads are available to our junior students. Students participate in a wide range of sporting events and also enjoy the performing arts. We have a large number of students who participate, on an annual basis, in the Performing Arts Festival for Catholic Schools and Colleges. Programs valued in our school include PATHS (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies), Restorative Practices for Behaviour Management, Toe by Toe Reading Support Program (for senior students) and a Junior Primary Literacy Support Program. We welcome parental/carer involvement in our school in numerous areas such as The School Board, P&F, Toe by Toe volunteers, school camp volunteers, sporting volunteers and Fathering Project participation.

2. Teacher Standards and Qualifications

All teaching staff are registered with the TRBWA

Qualifications Number
Master's degree 1
Bachelor degree 22
Graduate Diploma 2
Diploma of Teaching 5

3. Workforce Composition

The composition of staff consisted of 30 teaching staff (28 female and 2 male) and 26 non-teaching staff (24 female and 2 male)

4. Student Attendance at School

Class Percentage Attendance
YEAR 1 WHITE 91.78%
YEAR 1 BLUE 92.36%
YEAR 2 WHITE 93.34%
YEAR 2 BLUE 93.27%
YEAR 3 WHITE 93.79%
YEAR 3 BLUE 94.05%
YEAR 4 WHITE 94.04%
YEAR 4 BLUE 95.27%
YEAR 5 WHITE 94.31%
YEAR 5 BLUE 96.19%
YEAR 6 WHITE 93.88%
YEAR 6 BLUE 94.7%
AVERAGE 92.19%

School attendance is recorded in SEQTA. Unexplained absences are followed up by phone calls to parents/carers from the office daily. An SMS is sent to parents/carers of child/children at approx. 10.30 if the student isn’t present at that time. Non-attendance is managed by admin staff who request a written note or email confirming student absence.

5. NAPLAN Annual assessments


Yr 3 2016 Reading Writing Spelling Grammar & Punctuation Numeracy
AustralianMean 425.7 420.5 420.1 436.3 402.2
School Mean 461 447.9 463.2 476.9 433
Yr 5 2016 Reading Writing Spelling Grammar & Punctuation Numeracy
Australian Mean 501.7 475.4 492.9 505.0 492.9
School Mean 503.5 488.3 505.6 517.9 522.9

6. Parent, Student and Teacher Satisfaction

Parents are welcome to attend morning assemblies and are encouraged to speak to the teachers or the Principal if they have any concerns. All concerns are listened to and acted upon where necessary. Positive feedback, related to Orana, is received from both our school community and the local community. A school open night is held during Term Three. This is an opportunity for the school community to come together and visit all classrooms, the science and library areas and to also listen to musical presentations. Students are given a voice at regular class meetings where their concerns are raised and the students work together to resolve situations or conflict. Orana staff have implemented a restorative approach towards inappropriate actions and positive relationships are encouraged. Staff satisfaction is paramount to a positive school environment and regular staff meetings take place to improve communication and teaching and learning opportunities within the school. The Principal has an open-door policy in relation to meeting with staff and school community members. A review system has been implemented that encourages staff to choose mentors and to meet with the leadership team.

Post-School Destinations 2016

Graduation students went to the following schools:

Aquinas College 2
Christ Church Grammar 1
Corpus Christi College 17
John Curtin 1
Leeming Senior High School 2
Melville Senior High School 1
Moved Overseas (England) 1
Not Stated 1
Rossmoyne Senior High School 4
Santa Maria College 3
St Norbert’s Queens Park 2
Trinity 1
Willetton Senior High School 11
Mt Beverley (Eastern States) 2

School Income

Please refer to website

Report on progress towards the school’s ASIP goals for the past year


The My School website has two main purposes.

Firstly, it provides parents and students with information on each school - its view of itself and its mission, its staffing, its resources and its students' characteristics and their performances.

Secondly, it provides schools and their communities with comparisons of their students' performances in literacy and numeracy with those of students in other schools, most importantly those in schools that serve similar students. These comparisons provide information to support improvements in schools. Among schools with similar students, those achieving higher student performances can stimulate others to lift expectations of what they and their students can achieve. The schools with higher performing students can be a source of information for others on the policies and practices that produce those higher performances.

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