School Fees

Catholic schools operating as part of the Catholic Church have a vital mission to provide a Catholic education for the children of families with the Parish. The collection of school fees is approached in the spirit of Christian charity and justice. In setting and collection of school fees the following is to be noted;

  • Financial grounds shall never be the reason for the non-enrolment or exclusion of any child from 
a Catholic school. Families with limited capacity to pay school fees have an entitlement to claim a fee concession. Requests for fee concessions shall be treated with dignity, fairness, compassion and confidentiality.
  • Families with eligible means tested family concession cards have an automatic entitlement to tuition fee concessions. Application must be made each year before the end of first term (forms available at the office) and the card must be current.
  • The School Board has the responsibility for the financial management of the school and consequently, is responsible for the collection of school fees.

It should also be noted;

  • Where parents/carers have the capacity to pay fees, the collection of school fees shall be actively pursued.


In order to register a student for enrolment, an Application for Enrolment form must be completed which includes an administration fee of $50 (including GST) per student. This fee is non-refundable and does not guarantee enrolment.


Annual Fee accounts are sent home in Term 1. Payment options are:

1. One annual payment - due 21 days after account is issued.

2. Direct Debit arrangement for 8 monthly or 16 fortnightly instalments.

3. Or other agreed arrangements as discussed with the Principal.


Families who wish to split their account between two parties must provide written advice to the school, signed by both parties, authorising the account to be divided equally. The authority should be returned to the office by the end of week 2 of first term.


Instrument Hire is available and costs $50 per term.

Students hiring instruments will be charged a service fee of $50 each year.

Band membership is $50 per year.

A participation fee of $20 per year (where applicable) will be invoiced to all students involved in the music program. This fee will cover the provision of a Music Diary as well as off-setting costs associated with the Performing Arts Festival (e.g. group entries, bus costs).


Please use the links below to downoad a copy of the current documents referring to fees:

Fee Schedule 2017

Direct Debit Request Form

Direct Debit Request Service Agreement

Credit Card Regular Payment Request