Welcome to the Kindergarten Programme at Orana Catholic Primary School. We look forward to meeting you and your child.

The learning experiences we provide in Kindergarten reflect our beliefs about how children learn, our understanding of childhood development and are a celebration of each child's uniqueness. Children's lives are characterised by belonging, being and becoming and we are helping them to become happy and confident learners.

We look forward to a happy year ahead.

Mrs Caroline Mavrick & Mrs Nadia Lovelle
Kindergarten Teachers



I am a child

Home and school is my place.

In God's image, I am made

Of God's name, I am a trace.

I am an explorer

Just look and see.

I discover surprises all around me.

I am an athlete

Watch me dance and hop

Sometimes I move without a stop.

I am a scientist

I know so much.

About water and weather and the dirt I touch.

I am an archaeologist

Stones and rocks are my find

Into my pockets, I fit rocks of all shapes and kinds.

I am an artist

The paintbrush my tool.

Telling a beautiful story, at home and at school.

I am a builder

With blocks I can make.

A castle, a cabin, a boat for a lake.

I am a poet

My prayer is a song

Of praise and thanksgiving, all the day long.

I am a new friend

I play by your side

Learning together, growing with pride.

I am a child

Home and school is my place

In God's image, I am made

Of God's name, I am a trace.

© Joan Daly-Martin Used with permission
(In Welcome, Hello! Kindergarten in Toronto Catholic District School Board Parent Booklet 2006.