Absentee Form

If your child, or children, are going to be absent from school on any given day please email admin@orana.wa.edu.au or use the Absences Link before 9.15am on the morning of the absence.

You can use the form below to submit your absentee email to school.

Attendance Procedures

  • There is no need to send in written notes prior to your child being absent from school for illness or appointments. You can now email the school first thing in the morning on the day of your child's absence.
  • If your family is going on an extended family holiday please email the dates that your child / children will be away from school.
  • If your child comes to school but needs to leave early due to an appointment or any other reason simply come into the office. The receptionist will ring through to the classroom for you. It is important that we record accurately the time your child leaves school. Similarly if your child is going to be late for school for any reason it is not necessary to advise us of this. Simply come to the office so that we can record your child as a late arrival. A late slip will be given to your child to take to the teacher so that the teacher is aware that your child has reported to the office.
  • It is imperative that no child enters of leaves Orana Primary School without reporting to the office first when arriving or departing outside or school start and close times.